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12/28/14 Flu vaccine update

  • We now have our full stock of flu vaccine for all insurance types.
  • We have injectable, preservative free flu vaccine for ages 6 months and above
  • We ARE administering 2nd doses of the flu vaccine at this time. Second doses are recommended for kids getting the flu vaccine for the first time this season or for those who have had less than 2 total doses since 2010. 
  • We have flu mist (nasal spray) for kids 2 years and older. This is not an option for kids who have asthma that require a daily controller medication. 
  • We ARE currently offering flu mist nasal spray and injectable flu vaccine to parents/caregivers. Pregnant women can receive injectable flu vaccine at H.I.P. Cost of the flu vaccine for non-H.I.P patients is $35.  
If you would like to schedule a flu vaccine appointment, please call our office at 720.583.4470

H.I.P Studio

The H.I.P studio is a multi-use space adjacent to Highlands Integrative Pediatrics. The function of this space is to engage the community in a group setting through offerings that include: yoga for adults and kids, parent workshops, guest speakers and classes.  

For more information about our classes at H.I.P Studio or to enquire about renting the studio space, please contact Tara at 720.232.6514 or hipstudio1@gmail.com.

Help raise money for lymphoma research with a book purchase....

To get your copy, order from Amazon, or come to the office to purchase directly from H.I.P.

   "A Rich Residence by Bryan Kono invites the reader in for a rare peek at the life of a pediatrician-in-the-making. Based on the poetry and journal entries written during those event-filled years, Dr. Kono beautifully, accurately, and poignantly documents the ups and downs, joys and frustrations, rewards and agonies of caring for very ill children, many of whom would never grow into adulthood despite the wonders of modern medicine. Oftentimes, we think of doctors as distant, academic, uninvolved, and unemotional. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reader will laugh, cry, and gasp in awe at Dr. Kono's stories of real children and real parents caught in the web of catastrophic disease. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, but actual case histories clearly depict the amazing spirit, resilience, and strength of the very young and often that of their heartbroken families-as well as the agonizing efforts of their doctors to relieve their suffering. The journey of this medical school graduate into a capable, caring physician should inspire us all to appreciate those who have traveled that road. Dr. Kono poured his heart and soul into his journey, setting an example for all of us, no matter what road we choose. This book wraps itself around the heart of the reader and begs us to return again and again for encouragement when we stumble on our own paths. We are left with a prescription for finding the poetic in our own lives. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support lymphoma research."

Highlands Integrative Pediatrics

Highlands Integrative Pediatrics offers a full array of conventional pediatric services from well-child checkups and sports physicals to same day visits for illness.  Through these services we incorporate both conventional and natural strategies to promote your family's wellness and facilitate recovery from ailments.

We also host complementary providers within the H.I.P office space.  Services including:

  • Five Element Chinese Medicine Evaluation and Treatment
  • Biofeedback and Self-Hypnosis
  • Shonishin needleless acupuncture

**More information to come as we continue to develop our website

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