Vaccine Talk at The Mother'hood
December 08, 2012
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Vaccine Talk:

Come join me for a discussion of childhood vaccines at The Mother’hood, Sunday December 9that 7pm.  To sign up and get more information about the talk go to The Mother'hood

Opening Update

Construction continues to stay on schedule for our opening date of January 2nd.  The plumbing and HVAC are in place and the walls are going up as we speak.  All of the subcontractors have been working overtime to keep us on track.  I have great respect for the expertise and hard work of everyone involved in the planning/construction process and I’m excited to see the finished product soon. 

New Patients

For those expecting a newborn in the next month, I will start seeing newborns at Rose and PSL on December 22nd.  If you are delivering on or after that day, and you are planning on coming to H.I.P, just let the labor and delivery team know that I will be your pediatrician and they will page me.  If you are delivering after December 22ndat another hospital, midwifery center or at home, contact our office via email or phone (see website) when you deliver and we can coordinate your first visit.  If you are delivering before December 22nd, I would recommend that you start with another pediatrician and transfer to us after we open.  If you’d like a recommendation for a pediatrician to start with or have other questions, email at Contact Us.

For those transferring children into the practice, if you need an appointment in January or February, go to “schedule an appointment” from our homepage.  Please select a date and time you prefer and give your child’s name, date of birth and type of visit needed.  We’ll then contact you to confirm that appointment.  We are accepting new patients and will be taking all common insurance plans.

Being Green

Being environmentally conscious is important to us.  We have an energy efficient heating and cooling system.  We are using as many renewable materials as possible.  Our reception desk is being made out of beetle kill wood.  You will notice when we open that we are going to be using as little paper as possible.  We are utilizing an electronic medical record system, in part, to help us reduce our paper usage.  Have you ever wondered if the paper on the top of exam tables in a doctor’s office does any good?  I don’t believe it decreases contagion in any way and is a tremendous waste of paper.  Instead, we will be using environmentally friendly cleaning products that are also excellent at killing germs, to wipe down the exam tables between patients.  This will save paper and decrease transmission of germs more effectively than just using paper.   We are using low water toilets.  We will be recycling our day to day office materials as well. 

Spread the Word

Help us spread the word.  If you’ve had a good experience with one of the H.I.P team members in the past and feel compelled to write a little something on our behalf, we would greatly appreciate it.  Write a review here.

Thank you to those of you who are following us on Facebook.   I’m sure you all can tell that I’m a Facebook rookie.  I’m guessing this is where I ask you to “Like us” on sounds like a good thing anyway.

I hope you and your family have a healthy and peaceful end of the year and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

With gratitude,