New book for purchase at H.I.P
August 03, 2014
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Check out this new book by one of H.I.P's pediatricians and raise money for lymphoma research...

Please note: This book contains stories of great triumph and heartbreaking tragedy in the setting of a busy children's hospital. Because of this, it may be a difficult read for some.

Copies are available on Amazon and for direct purchase at H.I.P. Here's a summary of the book:

A Rich Residence by Bryan Kono invites the reader in for a rare peek at the life of a pediatrician-in-the-making. Based on the poetry and journal entries written during those event-filled years, Dr. Kono beautifully, accurately, and poignantly documents the ups and downs, joys and frustrations, rewards and agonies of caring for very ill children, many of whom would never grow into adulthood despite the wonders of modern medicine. Oftentimes, we think of doctors as distant, academic, uninvolved, and unemotional. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reader will laugh, cry, and gasp in awe at Dr. Kono's stories of real children and real parents caught in the web of catastrophic disease. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, but actual case histories clearly depict the amazing spirit, resilience, and strength of the very young and often that of their heartbroken families-as well as the agonizing efforts of their doctors to relieve their suffering. The journey of this medical school graduate into a capable, caring physician should inspire us all to appreciate those who have traveled that road. Dr. Kono poured his heart and soul into his journey, setting an example for all of us, no matter what road we choose. This book wraps itself around the heart of the reader and begs us to return again and again for encouragement when we stumble on our own paths. We are left with a prescription for finding the poetic in our own lives. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support lymphoma research.